Oversight Management

Our Clinical Research Consultants have diverse experiences in all the different stages, and phases of monitoring. We do not have an overhead cost, and we do not have employees. Everyone at V2 International works on a contractual basis. We all operate efficiently out of our home office saving time, and money.

We are not like your traditional CRO and are able to adapt to the needs of your trial as the need arises to expand or shrink. Our motivation is to help your compound be successful, and reach the market as quickly, and as efficiently as possible with patient safety in mind the whole way.

We will always approach the projects of our clients as if it were our own financial resources that were being utilized directly. We take the projects of our clients very seriously and it is one of our number one priorities to see the project completed successfully and cost effectively within the budget timelines.

We are always constantly looking for ways to improve processes that can ultimately affect the successful completion of our client’s project. We provide these improvement suggestions to my client as they are identified or requested by the client.

Teaching and Training Program

We provide hands-on monitoring training and development sessions to our client’s CRAs as needed.