Study Monitoring

Our Clinical Research Consultants have diverse experiences in all the different stages of monitoring and are always determined to meet required time lines to ensure successful completion of our client’s project.

Our Clinical Research Consultants can also take on the role of a Lead-CRAs, Project Manager Associates (PMAs),etc when needed in other to ensure a smooth and successful completion of the project. Our Clinical Research Consultants are team players and are use to taking on different responsibilities in other to ensure the continuous progress of the project.

Depending on the number of patients and sites for the clinical research study and study site locations we can assemble a team of locally based CRAs, from within our network of consultants. Their CVs and the hourly rate we charge for their services will be provided to you for your review. The consultants are contracted by V2 International Consultants to complete the required tasks at the local site(s) on your behalf until the end of the project.

V2 International Consultants only dedicates to managing one to two major projects at a time to ensure the best possible time and effort is given to each project which in turn results in efficiency. This also ensures the proper and successful completion of the project. With no significant overhead cost, these saving are passed onto our clients.

Our company is a modest company and it is our goal to keep it this way as this will ensure a unique one to one relationship with the client we are working with at any given time. We can also be reached directly by anyone on your project team.

We will always approach the projects of our clients as if it was our own financial resources that were being utilized directly. We take the projects of our clients very seriously and it is one of our number one priorities to see the project completed successfully and cost effectively within the budget time lines.

We are always constantly looking for ways to improve processes that can ultimately affect the successful completion of our client’s project. We provide these improvement suggestions to our client as we identify them or as requested by our client.

Teaching and Training Program

We provide training and development sessions to Consultants on an ongoing basis so as to maximize their potential to succeed.

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